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Taking Care of Sensitive Baby Skin

With the store shelves overflowing with different formulations and brands, choosing the right product to meet your little one’s needs can be tricky. And it becomes even more complicated when you factor in that infant skin is easily irritated by fragrances, dyes, and other ingredients in skin-care products and the environment. A good rule of thumb is that ointments are more hydrating than creams, which are more hydrating than lotions. To find the perfect moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin soft and rash-free, try out one of these baby lube picks:

Protect Against: Chapped Lips

Babies’ lips are always wet thanks to drooling, lip-licking, and drippy noses, and that moisture can break down the protective top layer of skin. This leaves lips vulnerable to cold, windy air.

Skin Saver: Apply a thin layer of lip treatment to create a barrier against the elements and to moisturize already-chapped lips.

Protect Against: Rough, Red Cheeks

Chapped skin, which gets peely and even cracked, usually strikes the face, bottom, or spots where skin rubs, like the folds at the wrists.

Skin Saver: Using a thick moisturizer such as Eucerin, Aquaphor, or Elite Crème on your baby’s cheeks (or other problem areas) will add to his natural barrier and help treat any skin that’s already chapped.

Protect Against: Dry Skin

Red, flaky skin can appear anywhere on your baby’s body, especially on his face. It’s particularly common during the winter because cold air doesn’t carry as much moisture as warm air.

Skin Saver: It’s fine to bathe your baby every day; just don’t use water that’s too warm. Avoid washes that contains fragrance or alcohol, make sure you smooth a nonperfumed moisturizer such as on skin within two minutes of getting out of the bath.

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