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Our Founder: Dr. Kevin L. Schewe

A passionate and driven healer, Dr. Kevin Schewe has devoted more than 30 years to the fight against cancer. As a Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist and respected practicing clinician, he is known for his successful implementation of innovative radiation techniques—as well as his ongoing dedication to staying on the cutting edge of modern cancer treatment technology.

Dr. Schewe has experienced first-hand the ravaging effects that radiation and chemotherapy can have on the skin and hair. He made it his personal mission to offer patients relief and restoration from the external effects of treatment during their internal fight for life. Using his practical experience as a busy oncology clinician and scientific knowledge of the deleterious effects that modern treatment can inflict on skin and hair, Dr. Schewe began testing ingredients and formulations for optimal healing efficacy. Building on his philosophy that outer beauty is the reflection of inner health, he searched for ingredients that would provide immediate nurturing on the surface—then continue working at the cellular level for sustained long-term healing.

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