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Ingredient Profile: Mongongo Oil

Meet The Super Oil That’s Better Than Coconut

The oil is derived from the fruit of the manketti tree (which has the ability to thrive in extreme weather conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa) and has been used for centuries in skin care, the egg-shaped fruit is not only extremely nutritious but it has many useful properties as a super emollient and protectant for both skin and hair. Each seed contains a good amount of vitamin E (an antioxidant that helps stave off skin damage and signs of aging), as well as nutrients like calcium, copper, and zinc.

Mongongo oil is also high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are known to remain on the skin longer than saturated fatty acids (think coconut oil) or monounsaturated oils (jojoba and almond oils). The fatty acids deliver a protective, emollient layer on the surface of the skin and act as a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping through the pores. These fatty acids can retain moisture and keep the skin glowing, while smoothing out rough texture and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Fountain of youth, is that you?

Mongongo oil is also a gamechangers for hair. It has sun protection, strong antioxidants, and the minerals are fortifying to the the hair and scalp. It’s loaded with vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, and proteins, which are essential for hair growth, health, and vitality.

Basically, adding it to your skin and hair routine is a no-brainer and lucky for you it is in EVERY single product in the Elite Therapeutics line, you’re welcome.

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