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What You Should Know: Skin Cancer (5 of 5)

blog-image[This is post five of five of our Skin Cancer series, be sure to check out all of our posts!]

  1. Consider the Skin Cancer Foundation approach that discourages the tanned look altogether. The foundation encourages consumers, especially young women, to “go with their own glow” and enjoy their natural skin tone. The thinking is that if fewer people give in to the temptation to tan, regardless of their method, the bronzed look will eventually go out of style. The scary fact is that 2.3 million teens visit tanning salons every year. Most states have passed laws to keep teens off those ultraviolet-emitting beds, but changing young minds about what is attractive may be the best long-term strategy.
  2. A simple rule for identifying problem moles is with an acronym: ABCDE. A stands for asymmetry – if half of a mole looks different from the other half, there could be a problem. B stands for border – if the mole’s edge looks ragged or jagged, it might be dangerous. C encourages us to look at color – variations in color might be a bad sign. D is for diameter – if a mole is larger than a pencil eraser, it is time for the dermatologist, although melanomas can be even smaller. E equals evolving – a mole that changes in size, color or shape deserves another look.
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