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Shaving Just Got Better

Dry winter skin can make shaving drudgery.  Elite Therapeutics Premier Crème, based in Denver (where skin takes a major beating from altitude and cold), helps repair skin and is the perfect solution for healing skin after shaving.Elite Premier Crème was originally developed by radiation oncologist Dr. Kevin Schewe to repair his patients damaged skin from radiation.  The results were profound  and deemed beneficial for all.   If it can heal radically damaged skin from radiation, imagine how it moisturizes and repairs dry or sunburned winter skin!

Here is what makes it special: 

Sea Whip Extract:  A natural marine extract derived from a soft coral with tiny pores.  The extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that protects skin from the
signs of aging.  It is thought to reduce inflammation, redness, contributes to cellular repair, has pain reducing qualities, and is useful in treating sunburns (even in winter)

African Mongongo Oil: Comes from the fruit and nuts of the mongongo tree.  The oil from the nuts is cultivated and has hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties.

EUK-134: A super antioxidant, 1,000 times more potent than alpha lipoic acid, this highly purified antioxidant system is able to assimilate and neutralize the hydrogen peroxide released in the skin, preventing DNA damage.  It not only prevents damage done by exposure to the sun’s harmful UVB rays, but can also increase cell survival after the exposure occurs.  By replenishing the cell’s antioxidant defense, EUK-134 may be very efficient in the fight against both the short and long-term photo-aging from UVB radiation on the skin.  The most unique characteristic of EUK-134 is its ability to regenerate, so the more that you use it, your skin’s ability to fight free radical damage increases.

DMS – Derma Membrane Structure: A cream base which has been developed giving respect to the physiological needs of dry and sensitive skin.  DMS with its intrinsic hydration force and barrier activity strengthen the lipid barrier by bringing water inside, retaining it, and keeping the structure of the permeability barrier.

Bottom line- you’ll just like that your skin looks and feels better.

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