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Sunburn? We can help!

Elite Premier Crème by Elite Therapeutics was developed to treat cancer patient’s damaged skin from ionizing radiation. The results on the skin after just a few days were remarkable and led to the discovery that the product ALSO has the same therapeutic properties on UV induced radiation for the entire family. Sunburns are soothed and environmental damage is repaired.

How does it work?  Elite Therapeutics products are formulated with natural Vitamin E, tocotrienols as well as other potent antioxidant and nutritive molecules. Featuring Sea Whip Extract, derived from deep within the Caribbean Sea, it holds magical, yet real skin healing properties, while luxe African Mongongo Oil nourishes, renews and feeds the skin. Infused further with the scientifically proven mega-ingredients EUK-134, DMS and Beracare ARS, this all-powerful treatment will literally transform ravaged skin upon application.

What does UV damage do to skin?  Our skin barrier is designed to prevent excessive water loss as well as protect against environmental insults such as pollutants, harmful chemicals, UV radiation.UV damage increases the ROS (reactive oxygen species) which leads to oxidative damage, lipid peroxidation and inflammation & erythema. UV damage leads to barrier disruption & lipid disorganization which leads to reduced skin barrier function promoting an increase of TEWL which leads to Dry skin/ dehydration.

What does Elite Premier Crème do for UV damaged skin?  The Elite Premier Crème reduces oxidative stress, reduces inflammation reaction & reinforces barrier function (leading to skin hydration). Ideal for sensitive skin, reinforcement of the skin barrier, sensitive skin management, prevention and repair of UV induced damage, skin water management and protection against environmental assault.


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