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December 2013

Winter Beauty Hacks :: Birchbox

The onset of winter brings extreme temperatures, precipitation to give even the hardiest postal worker pause, and skin so dry it makes us want to fill our bathtubs with body lotion. Before you give up and just hibernate in your Snuggie, check out these easy tweaks and survive the season in style.

Winter Beauty Problem #1: Chapped Lips

Everyone’s skin suffers from winter dryness, but your lips have it especially rough. That’s because saliva dehydrates skin as it evaporates—and it contains acids that can cause inflammation. To prevent moisture loss, start by adding an exfoliator like 29 Preserves First Crush Grape Seed Age ProtectingTM Lip Scrub to your nighttime routine—you’ll get rid of dead skin and prime your lips for the balm that follows. We like to slather on this one from Elite Therapeutics, which combats both inflammation and dryness. For daytime, be sure to incorporate SPF, since wintertime sun can still do damage. 29 Wine Blot Age Protecting™ Lip Treatment SPF 20 will replenish moisture and protect from free radicals and UV rays.  (Read more)

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