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March 29, 2013

We have another great product line to give away to a lucky winner. This one is a diverse line of skin and hair care products that will make you feel pampered.

Elite Therapeutics was founded by an American doctor after years of practice in the medical field. We received several products for review, including:

Elite Platinum Creme is a facial cream meant for anti-aging purposes. The packaging is beautiful, and the creme is very rich. My face loved the feeling of the cream, but I’d recommend using it before bed and not under makeup; it is heavy, like a night cream.

This cream is another facial cream, that I find light enough to use both before bed and in the morning on a dry day. My face feels so hydrated after using it, and I noticed a difference in it’s hydration during the day just a couple uses in. It smells really nice and is not greasy, which is a bonus.

I used the Elite Creme, another facial cream, on my t-zone, where I get particularly dry in the winter and spring. It definitely cleared up my dry skin, which was nice because dry facial skin is super uncomfortable.

This shampoo is VERY nice on the hair. I found that it really added some moisture and made my shower feel like I was in a spa. Even though it added moisture, it didn’t make my hair greasy, which is a nice change for moisture adding shampoo on my fine hair.

I love conditioners. I don’t know why, but conditioning is my favorite part of washing my hair. This one is great. I try to never use heat on my hair unless I use a protector, but this conditioner has a protector built right in, which eliminated an unnecessary step!

This body wash smells awesome, but I was a little skeptical because I don’t always like to use anything other than odorless bodywash on my skin in the winter, when it’s dry. It can sometimes do the opposite effect and dry my skin out, making it sting. I started using a small amount and didn’t have that problem with this stuff.  I was surprised at how gentle it is.

See, we told you it was diverse!

It was nice to be able to review a product line that encompassed my entire shower routine.

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