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September 4, 2013

Very few people have truly sensitive skin, but most of us get rashes, breakouts and allergic reactions at some point in our life, so I always recommend keeping a bottle of extra-gentle moisturizer in your beauty cabinet for those days when your skin is throwing a fit. Sensitive skin comes in different “shapes and sizes”, but most commonly it manifests in rashes and/or excessive dryness. When that happens to me, I stop using all of my current skin care and switch to gentler treatments. Why the long prelude? Well, recently I had an opportunity to try a great moisturizer from Elite Therapeutics and I thought I’d introduce you to it. Elite Therapeutics is a new company that focuses on making products specifically for sensitive skin, ranging from moisturizers and deodorant, to shampoo and body wash.

Elite Platinum Creme is truly a luxurious product, from the outer packaging down to the ingredient list. The cream comes in a square box with blue velvet lining similar to a jewelry case, and a round jar mounted in the middle like a beautiful diamond. The jar itself is a masterpiece – it’s like a round space pod with a magnifying glass window that reveals silver strands of DNA scattered across the deep blue background. If you read my previous reviews, you know that I personally dislike jar packaging because it increases the risk of cross-contamination from constant finger-dipping, and because it reduces the shelf life of active ingredients, especially plant extracts, due to constant oxidation. While the oxidation issue can’t be helped, Elite Therapeutics provided a spatula to scoop the moisturizer with, which I am personally very happy about.

Let’s not forget that this line was originally formulated with cancer patients in mind, so my expectations were set very high to begin with and this moisturizer completely lived up to them. It appears to have the most gentle and soothing formula out of any other facial cream I’ve tried to date, in fact it even surpassed my now-second-favorite Baume 27, which is roughly within the same price range as Elite Platinum Creme.

The ingredient list boasts some great actives: Vitamin E (all eight forms of it, to be precise) and five different peptide complexes to help fight free radicals and protect skin cells, Hyaluronate Acid Cross-Polymer to visibly hydrate and plump the skin, Apple Stem Cells to reduce the size, depth and intensity of wrinkles, and other great extracts and natural oils. You can find the full list of ingredients at the bottom of this post.

Initial thoughts:
I recently had a negative experience with at-home glycolic peel system that shall not be named here. My poor skin broke out really bad, and it was especially noticeable in the jaw area and on my neck. I had to stop using all of my current skin care and planned to just wait it out, and that’s when Elite Platinum Creme came in handy. I figured that my face couldn’t get much worse if I just tried it once, but after the very first application the redness became less visible and I thought the bumps seemed smaller, too. I wasn’t sure if it was just my wishful thinking, because no other sensitive skin treatment soothed the irritation that fast before, so I decided to keep using it and see how it goes. This thick and creamy moisturizer is very emollient and requires minimal number of strokes to smooth out, which can make all the difference sometimes. I noticed that it doesn’t get fully absorbed by the skin leaving a thin oily layer on top, which is something I normally wouldn’t tolerate, but this was a special case.

After 2 weeks:
It takes me a long time to recover when I get bad rashes like this one, and sometimes it can take over a month. In fact I’m still dealing with a breakout on my back caused by the shimmery lotion I used two months ago. I justwanted to point that out so you can get some perspective, because I thought it was amazing that Elite Platinum Creme cleared out my face and neck in just two weeks (well, two and a half actually)! All I used was my extra gentle milky cleanser and this moisturizer applied to the entire face, including the eye area. I definitely recommend it to people struggling with various skin sensitivities, allergies, rashes and dry patches, because it totally works. Best part is that I was able to wear makeup again after only a couple days of use, my skin calmed down that much.

The verdict: This is an absolutely fantastic product that proved to be a more effective soothing moisturizer for sensitive skin than the ones I have tried before. It is expensive, but in this case I believe that the price tag is justified, because I felt an improvement to my condition immediately, followed by the visible results in as little as two and a half weeks.

Check out other Elite Therapeutics products by clicking here, and connect with them on Facebook for more news and special promotions.

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