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Elite Therapeutics Elite Crème

Elite Therapeutics is a very special line of skin care products, personally founded and designed by Kevin L. Schewe, MD, a board-certified, leading oncologist based in Colorado. After witnessing firsthand and hearing accounts and stories of patients suffering from harsh after-effects of radiation, in the form of burns, sores, and general skin irritation, Dr. Schewe decided to help his patients not only fight cancer, but reduce and eliminate the painful, unsightly effects that radiation and chemotherapy can have on skin and hair. Dr. Schewe spent a lot of time researching ingredients and formulas, and finally came up with his line of Elite Therapeutics products, which include lip balms, hand and body cremes, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and deodorant. Each product is hand-crafted to help soothe, heal, nourish and protect that particular area of the body.

There are several key ingredients in each product from the Elite Therapeutics line, including aloe leaf extract (known for its analgesic and skin-soothing effects); Allantoin (a rich skin conditioner); hyaluronic acid (this is a naturally-occurring component found in human skin; increasing it decreases skin damage while also plumping and reducing fine lines and wrinkles); hydrolyzed vegetable protein (conditions and hydrates); beta glucan (an anti-inflammatory that helps to protect against UV radiation); and panthenol aka vitamin B-5 (hydrates, moisturizes, decreases inflammation).

Elite Therapeutics sent me a bottle of Elite Creme to review. While Dr. Schewe initially designed his line of Elite Therapeutics products with cancer patients in mind, the products are suitable for anyone with damaged or sensitive skin. With winter’s drying and chafing effects in full swing, the Elite Creme couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Elite Creme provides daily clinical skin therapy in a highly vitamin-concentrated creme.

The creme spreads easily, and a little bit of it – just a dime-sized amount – goes a very long way. When I rub it into my hands, on my legs, my face, anywhere my skin is dry or irritated, the resulting moisturization, softness, and smoothness is just amazing. The creme soaks in quickly, and there is no greasy residue left behind. The scent is light, not really identifiable as anything really, and doesn’t conflict or detract from any other scent I may be wearing, whether it be from perfume or even another lotion or moisturizer. I have been using Elite Therapeutic’s Elite Creme for several weeks now, and despite putting my hands through the daily vigors of washing dishes, cleaning the house, being exposed to the cold, dry air outside, and being washed multiple times a day, my skin feels incredibly smooth and soft – the dryness and sensitivity I’m used to experiencing during the colder seasons are nowhere to be found.

You can purchase Elite Creme for $45.00 at Elite Therapeutics. Remember, a little goes a long way, and Elite Creme truly is an elite, must-have product for damaged or sensitive skin, so it’s well worth the investment, as far as I’m concerned.

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