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Skin Care Product Review: Elite Therapeutics

I love trying new skin care products, especially this time of year when my skin dries out from indoor heating and outdoor cold. My face gets red and itchy this time of year so I’m especially anxious to find products that will heal my skin.

Dr. Kevin L. Schewe, MD, had healing in mind when he developed the Elite Therapeutics products. As a radiation oncologist, Dr. Schewe witnessed first hand the devastating effects of radiation and chemotherapy to the skin. He has spent years researching and testing various skin care products and found that Vitamin-E technology protects and repairs damaged skin.

Though I do not suffer the effects of cancer treatments, I do suffer from uneven skin tone and skin irritation. When I read about the Elite Therapeutics skin care line, I was excited to see if the products could do for my skin what they claim to do for the skin of cancer survivors.

I received a tube of Elite Cream Daily Clinical Skin Therapy. I immediately saw on the tube that it was fragrance free. I was relieved since I sometimes have reactions to skin care products with heavy perfume scents. When I opened the tube, I was greeted with a pleasant subtle citrus scent. In the list of ingredients, I found the scent was from the natural pink grapefruit added to product. I fell in love with the sweet citrus aroma right away.

As much as I liked the scent, how the product performed was more important. I want something that will soothe my dry skin and take away the redness. The Elite Cream did not disappoint. The product was very creamy and when I applied it to my face, felt soothing. I used it once in the morning and once in the evening as directed and found after four days, the itchiness on my face began to disappear. The redness between my nose and cheek was notably improved. My face didn’t feel nearly as dry in the morning upon awakening after day four as it did on day one. I was thrilled that I didn’t have any skin reactions to the Elite Cream and that it helped soften my skin.

The Elite Cream is rich with natural vitamin E and contains other natural ingredients. I was happy to see that the product is also paraben-free. It is not tested on animals and is cruelty-free as well.

The Elite Cream by Elite Therapeutics is for normal to dry skin and damaged skin. It is not for oily skin and I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin. However, I highly recommend Elite Creme Daily Clinical Skin Therapy for normal to dry skin.

Thank you to Elite Therapeutics for letting me try this fabulous skin care product. I am thrilled when I find wonderful skin care products made in the U.S.A. Elite Therapeutics is located in Colorado and manufactures the items there.

I wanted to add that I used this product after coming back from vacation with sunburned skin. I also had a tender skin under my arm. The product worked well in soothing my skin with both problems. Usually lotions and creams sting when applied to sores or sunburns, but the Elite Cream did not. My sore under arm skin healed quickly after using the cream for a few days on it.

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