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Elite Therapeutics: Cream For Dry, Sensitive Skin!

I was lucky enough to be sent a tube (huge tube) of Elite Creme from Elite Therapeutics to try. I must say I am very impressed with the size, a 4 once tube! That is safe for all skin types and smells just wonderful.

This cream is was actually created for patients with skin issues due to radiation & chemotherapy. This can be used all over, from your face to your toes!

The smell is really amazing & the feel is incredible! My face looks & feels great when I put this on. As for sensitivity I experienced no problems at all!

My mother also tried this (she comes over just to use my stuff) 🙂 & she really liked it! Immediately her face had a more youthful glow to it.

Used on the face only this tube would last a long time, a small amount goes a long way.

I was also sent a sample packet of their shampoo & conditioner. The shampoo I am totally in love with, my hair is crazy! It gets so rough & dry and tons of conditioner sometimes does not even help. After shampooing I could have actually went without, YES WITHOUT, conditioner and it would have been soft enough to brush through without issue and finding that in a shampoo, for me, is just about impossible.
The conditioner also worked well but it was not as thick & creamy as prefer in a conditioner but all & all it worked quite well, better then expected for the initial feel of it.
They both smelled like a fancy salon and I love love love that!

All and all I think these are really great products!

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