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Mommy Like Whoa

Mommy Like Whoa

May 2, 2014

Elite Therapeutics – Elite Shampoo and Conditioner Review + GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to day 5 of my Mother’s Day Extravaganza! I have something HUGE for you guys today!

I am giving away 3 Elite Shower Packs from Elite Therapeutics! They include the Elite Shampoo, Elite Conditioner, and the Elite Face & Body Wash with a soft mesh sponge, a $59 value!

I love Elite Therapeutics! (You can read my review on their Elite Creme here.) This is an amazing product, so keep reading for how to enter!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my hair looked amazing.

It was this wild, crazy, wavy mane of awesomeness. I didn’t think my hair could ever look that way!

After I gave birth my beautiful hair started falling out in clumps. CLUMPS! I was horrified.Fast forward to a few months later, my hair loss slowed down a bit, but still I noticed significant hair loss every time I washed it.

Being of sound hairstylist mind, I knew that 100 hairs a day was normal, but this was ridiculous. I was pulling out handfuls, and our drain was constantly clogged.My husband has a thing with hair in drains, so I was the one on my hands and knees pulling out the clogs. It was not pretty.

It wasn’t until I tried the Elite Shampoo and Conditioner from Elite Therapeutics that things changed. Within a week of using the product, I saw significant results. I wasn’t losing as much hair, I was losing a normal amount!

After a couple weeks my hair had more body, more bounce and felt amazingly thicker at the roots. My hair wasn’t just not falling out anymore, it was regrowing at an amazing rate.

I was floored. As someone who does this, and sees this, and answers this question all the time, I finally had an answer. I never honestly thought a shampoo could help me so much.

It was originally formulated for cancer patients, to help protect and feed the fragile hair damaged by chemotherapy and radiation. So it helps nourish the scalp, and promotes new, healthier growth. Which means it grows better, longer, stronger.

The conditioner helps protect against heat damage, boosts body, softness and shine. It makes me hair feel amazing and detangles it like a dream. Plus they smell so fantastic, it makes shower time an experience. (read more)

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