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Mommy Like Whoa

Mommy Like Whoa

February 2014

Elite Creme by Elite Therapeutics

Harsh winter weather makes me hate my skin. OK maybe “hate” is too harsh a word…

Now I know, I know, I am in San Diego, I have no room to complain about “Winter Weather” but seriously, we have some harsh conditions around here. High winds, unusually odd weather trends, warm, cool. wet, dry, freezing, hot, repeat. Ever heard of “Santa Ana Winds”? Look it up! It WRECKS my skin, and wreaks havoc on my hair too, but that’s another story.

I have used pretty much every type of lotion, oil, creme, and butter you can imagine… but I still get these weird little bumps all over my arms and legs. Dry little ingrown hairs, or clogged ducts, I don’t care, they aren’t attractive. They itch, make my skin look ashy, bumpy and generally gross. I get people asking me if I SHAVE my arms because those horrible little bumps make my skin rough and prickly. Not cool, folks. (read more)

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