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September 6, 2013

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that what used to work for my skin and hair when I was younger just doesn’t cut it anymore.  The ‘anything will do’ way of thinking has been replaced by really having to look into ingredients and benefits and realizing that sometimes you really do need to invest in higher quality products now and then!

My hair especially has fallen victim to my torturous treatment of it over the years.  I have dyed it for nearly 30 years.  It has been every color of the rainbow (hey, it was the 80’s) and often times I would go from blonde to brunette to red in the course of two weeks (and that was in my 30’s, so there really was no excuse) — needless to say, I’m amazed I have any hair at all – but what I do have is thin and damaged and seems to have grown to past my shoulders and then stopped. It literally hasn’t grown in years. I take supplements which has helped a lot, but for every day care I really haven’t found anything that has made a true difference.  I don’t even want to tell you what salons have sent me out of the store with – $40 shampoo, $40 leave in conditioner, $40 spray (for what, I don’t know, it was all just coming at me so fast!)….not to mention the $55 deep conditioning salon treatments every three months.

So in my quest to try and make it up to my hair by finally treating it right, I found Elite Therapeutics, which has a full range of skin care, hair care, and personal care items. Elite Therapeutics was founded by Dr. Kevin Schewe, an Oncologist,  to help his patients who were suffering from negative skin reactions from their chemotherapy & radiation treatments. These products will work well for anyone who is looking to create an environment for healthy hair by nourishing your skin & hair on every level – cellular to surface.

Their line of products are:

• Cruelty-Free
• Sulfate-Free
• Paraben-Free
• Phthalate-Free
• Physician-Formulated
• Safe for All Skin Types

I received the Shampoo & Conditioner to try.  The first thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging.  Each 7.2 oz product came in its own box and was well packed.

The Elite Shampoo was ultra gentle and had a great scent – almost a bubble gum – which lasted well into the next day, which I loved.  I don’t know if I was so used to all of the chemical lathering agents found in other shampoos or what, but I did find myself using more product in order to get a real lather the first time I used it.  Then I realized that a big headful of bubbles doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cleaning your hair better. So on subsequent uses, I used considerably less and still ended up with squeaky clean hair.

The ingredients in the shampoo include:
Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: A natural protein has an extremely low molecular weight – this means it is able to really get into your hair shaft and deeply moisturize at a level most other products cannot

Manuka Honey Extract:A botanical “honey”, wild-harvested in New Zealand. This ingredient fights free radicals, soothes inflammation and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Rice Bran Oil: Contains Tocotrienol, a strong form of Vitamin E – which can reverse the physical symptoms of aging, including fine lines & loss of elasticity.

Beta Glucan: This is a natural healing and anti-inflammatory agent which can be effective in the treatment of wrinkles, eczema, wounds & damage from UV radiation.

After I rinsed the shampoo, it was on to the Elite Conditioner. The scent complimented the shampoo, but wasn’t exactly the same – it had a little more of a spicier scent to it.  I applied a thin layer from roots to ends and left it on for 5 minutes (you can leave on for 3-5) before rinsing.

The ingredients in the conditioner include the aforementioned Hydrolyzed Silk Protein and Manuka Honey Extract, but also includes:
Vitamin E: All eight forms of natural Vitamin E are used to stop free radicals in their tracks and protect cell membranes, leaving you with glowing skin with a healthy moisture balance.
Mongongo Oil Extract: Found exclusively in the wooded hills of Southern Africa, this oil has proven hydrating & regenerative properties that increase in the presence of UV light.
Babassu Seed Oil: Babassu butter is known for its soothing, protective and emollient properties. Quick absorbing and non-greasy, it’s also high in Lauric Acid—a natural nutrient with antimicrobial properties.

What I noticed about my hair after using this duo is it felt silkier, it didn’t feel as dry as it usually does when it’s still wet right out of the shower – even if I’ve conditioned deeply. My hair was easier to comb through – much easier to manage. It smelled great – my Husband even asked me what I was using in it….and what I really noticed was even the next day, my hair didn’t look greasy – it still looked clean.  As in, I could go out of the house if I needed to without using dry shampoo or throwing it up in a tight ponytail & hoping that no one notices!

This last observation made me realize that maybe I don’t have ‘oily’ hair at all —- maybe it was just all the products I was using, with all their heavy ingredients – that was weighing my hair down & greasing it up.  This was a real eye opener.

I also was able to try a sample of their Elite Platinum Crème – an anti aging, anti-aging face cream, which made my skin feel absolutely gorgeous.

The shampoo retails for $26 and the conditioner retails for $28.  I don’t mind paying more for products that I know will work and when I do the math – figuring out how much I spend on cheaper lotions, potions, serums, sprays….especially when I don’t have to use these products every day, and how much I spend going to the salon for those “please save my hair” treatments, it makes it worth the splurge.

It’s easy to order online or there are also at select retail locations throughout the US. You can connect with Elite Therapeutics socially on Facebook and Twitter

I’m happy I was able to discover these products – it makes me feel as if maybe there is something that can help breathe some life back into my hair! If you’re also looking to pamper your hair with luxurious products that are gentle for sensitive skin, you should look into the Elite Therapeutics line of products!

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