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Elite Crème From Elite Therapeutics By Dr. Kevin L. Schewe

I have been using Elite Therapeutics cream for the last 2 weeks and really enjoy it. Elite cream is dense and has healing properties which makes it a perfect moisturizer for the whole body on a daily basis. Elite Therapeutics uses Vitamin-E technology combined with cutting-edge delivery systems, antioxidants and critical cellular nutrition ingredients sourced from indigenous and exotic regions around the globe to protect, repair and restore the skin. The product line has got a perfect blend of some of the most skin beneficial ingredients on the planet. By combining Hyaluronic Acid with the other core ingredients, the end result is a nourishing blend that is truly revolutionary.

The inclusion of Vitamins A and C, as well as the super-power Vitamin E, make this crème an ideal choice for severely troubled skin. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis and acne prone skin.

I generally get a very dry skin during winter and my skin needs all the moisture to protect it from chapping. I started out implementing the particular Elite crème not merely each day inside my normal program, yet some instances per day and the results were so positive. I carry my Elite Crème before I step out of my house. By looking at my results my husband who was also using another expensive creme also started using my Elite creme and guess what, Elite daily cream has been able to replace the expensive small jar and it performs much better than the previously used creme.

From the many facial creams that I have tried in the past, Elite daily cream is very gentle and is amazing for dry skin and cool weather conditions. It has got a right amount of hydration which on application does not make it feel greasy. It has got several effects such as cleanness, revitalization, moisturisation, regeneration and silkiness. All in One. What else can one demand from a daily moisturizer?

I love this product and it makes my skin so soft. But what I like most about Elite Therapeutics is that they make only paraben-free and cruelty free products, which only means that they do not test on animals. Their creams, lotions and moisturizers adhere to my “green” preferences on buying different products. I’d give very high marks Elite Therapeutics Elite Crème for their effective hydrating and protective skin products as well as their turn to being environmentally-friendly product development. And don’t forget, they smell really great too!

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