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Elite Therapeutics Review

Daily Clinical Skin Therapy

A dense, healing, salve-like complex, Elite Crème bears a true, pharmaceutical-grade consistency that is a perfect moisturizer for the whole body on a daily basis.

Dr. Schewe knew when he was developing the Elite Therapeutics line that the entire brand needed to be anchored by one, powerful, daily skin care product. Thus, the evolution of Elite Therapeutics’ Elite Crème Daily Clinical Skin Therapy was the first, and most potent, of Dr. Schewe’s everyday, yet clinical, skincare regimen. A dense, healing, salve-like complex, Elite Crème bears a true, pharmaceutical-grade consistency. This skin therapy product is not only an extremely hydrating moisturizer for dry or damaged facial skin, it also is a perfect moisturizer for the body…all-in-one. The inclusion of Vitamins A and C, as well as the super-power Vitamin E, make this crème an ideal choice for severely troubled skin. However, Dr. Schewe’s use of the exclusive Manuka Honey, as well as such natural extracts as Olive Oil, Pink Grapefruit and Avocado make this a light, yet exotic, treat for skin. Safe and natural, Elite Crème can be enjoyed by all skin types and will help replenish and renew…every morning and evening.

My Thoughts: My hands get really dry no matter what time of year it is and this Elite Crème really helped. I even used it on my face because my skin has been seriously dry since I started using a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide. It really hydrated my face and didn’t break me out. Which is definitely something I’m always worried about when I try new products on my face because I break out really easily. I’m definitely impressed with this moisturizer!

About Elite Therapeutics

Based on the philosophy that beauty is health which is only achieved via protection, prevention and reversal of skin damage — the Elite Therapeutics line of products exemplifies the mantra that serious science and cutting-edge ingredients are the true path to inner and outer beauty…all through physical healing. The radiation and chemotherapy treatment regimens are toxic to tumors but also inflict collateral damage on normal tissues. As a result, most patients experience some level of skin and hair damage, and this can be extremely devastating to a patient’s psyche.

Disturbed by these differing elements of physical and emotional stress, Dr. Schewe began testing and researching ingredients that could offer protection and relief to the external in order to help ease the internal fight for life.

As a trained medical researcher and a busy practicing clinician using today’s most advanced oncology treatments, Dr. Schewe was able to unlock the secret of pure, Natural Vitamin E — a richly-infused, naturally occurring anti-oxidant that has long been known as the essential source of skin healing and reparation. Through the combination of science along with the natural isomers of Vitamin E and the additional natural miracle of Manuka Honey from New Zealand, Elite Therapeutics envelops and drenches the skin with potent, healthy goodness. No matter the source of your skin care concern — whether it is illness, aging or lifestyle — Elite Therapeutics will radically improve your beauty and health connection.

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