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Elite Platinum Crème

September 2013


How ironic that we travel down the chemical-research path looking for a synthesized magic elixir to fight aging, when the answers may have been so close for so long. Elite Therapeutics has returned to the basics for real results—apple stem cell technology. It has been proven that a derivative found in apples markedly lessens the depth and severity of wrinkles. Add that to a patented peptide blend, as they have in their Elite Platinum Crème, and you’re back on the road to radiance. It’s a youth-boosting cocktail in a cool silver sphere, with a whole cornucopia of other organic and natural ingredients to refine your face: green tea, passion fruit, balsam, açaí, olive leaf, orange peel, grapefruit, ylang ylang, and more. It makes you wonder if a trip to the juice bar wouldn’t be just as good, but leave it to the scientists at Elite to work their magic, so you can simply reap the targeted anti-aging rewards. 1.4 oz. $195.

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