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Rachel Sayumi

August 17, 2013

Elite Therapeutics: Product Review


I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to do a product review for Elite Therapeutics shampoo and conditioner. As you may or may not know, I’ve always had really short hair. And currently, I’m trying to grow it out. Not only that, but I’m too cheap to go get a trim… soooo basically I’ve had a ton of split ends. It’s been out of control when I blow dry it, especially. My split ends all stand up, and it’s so embarrassing.

I decided to use Elite Therapeutics shampoo and conditioner for a week before I decided to give my review, so that I could really see what it did to my hair. I’ve gotta say, it’s been really amazing! With my old shampoo, after washing my hair, it would be all tangley until I put conditioner in it. With the Elite Therapeutics shampoo, it was already silky before I even put the conditioner in! On top of that, the shampoo and conditioner smell super delicious! I can smell it even over 12 hours after washing.

When I blow-dry my hair, it dries a lot silkier than it did before. My split ends don’t stand up, which means I can hold off for a few more weeks before I realllyyy┬áneed to get my trim! It has been such an awesome product, and I would recommend it to anyone!

So why are Elite Therapeutics shampoo and conditioner so great for your hair? It nourishes your hair from the scalp to ends with its sulfate-free formula (it’s also paraben free, phtalate free, and cruelty free!). It is a salon-quality formula that contains essential nutrients to nurture the scalp as well as refine silk protein to your hair follicles, and reinforce hair strands. I never thought that a shampoo and conditioner could calm my dry, split end-ed hair… But Elite Therapeutics proved me wrong!!

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