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Elite Crème From Elite Therapeutics

Us girls we are so magical, Soft skin, red lips, so kissable – Katy Perry

Elite Crème from Elite Therapeutics is an extremely hydrating all-over moisturizer for sensitive or dry skin. Featuring Vitamins A, C and E with olive and avocado, and skin protecting silicone it creates a healing barrier and imparts moisture and hydration. It’s the ultimate in skin hydration.
Renowned and Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Kevin L. Schewe, has devoted his 25-year medical career and practice in the fight against cancer. Best known for his innovative and successful implementation of techniques utilized in the field of radiation oncology, Dr. Schewe is regarded as an influential leader in combating this deadly disease.
His skin care products use natural Vitamin E technology combined with cutting-edge delivery systems, antioxidants and critical cellular nutrition ingredients sourced from indigenous and exotic regions around the globe to protect, repair, and restore cancer patients’ skin. These products will be of great benefit for the skin of anyone searching for a scientific and superior skin care product line.

Thoughts from Carli:
I received a 4.oz bottle of Elite Therapeutics Elite Crème Daily Clinical Skin Therapy for review. I was excited because the word FREE is used a lot. No, not I got it for FREE but Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-FREE. It also made of 97% natural ingredients. All things that are very important to me.

Being a long time sufferer of elephant elbow, I’ve found very few products that work and keep it at bay for very long. Now I know that I’ve mentioned one product that does work but my condition is so bad on my elbows and knees if I switch products and the new product doesn’t work, within two days the condition will be back.

I’ve been using the Elite Crème for a little over a week and I’m happy to say that both knees and elbows are smooth as a babies bottom. The product itself is very creamy. Now hubby thinks it feels a little greasy and won’t use it to rub my feet (yes, I’m that spoiled) but I think that it’s long lasting. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you put lotions on and within minutes your skin feels totally dry and rough like it was never on. That’s not true for the Elite Crème, it has some staying power.

Some people use this on their face, it is filled with good things, but I have very oily facial skin so I haven’t done this given how well it works on my extremely dry skin. On the back of the box it says that it’s great for people undergoing radiation treatments since that is so drying. Given my experience I believe this would work.

Buy It:
You can purchase Elite Crème online at the Elite Therapeutics website. A 4 oz bottle is $45.00. Admittedly, I would not spend that type of money on a product on a normal basis. However, if I had a severe skin condition or were undergoing radiation treatments I do believe that this product could help and would be more than happy to do so.

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