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August 19, 2013

Allow Elite Therapeutics to Nurture Your Hair and Scalp


The one constant problem I have with shampoo and conditioner is my sensitive scalp tends to reject anything that is not made naturally and for sensitive skin.  Nothing is worse than getting out of the shower and discovering your forehead, scalp and neck are covered with a bright red rash.  Yes, this is my life.  It is not that I can’t use anything it simply means I have to be extremely careful and read and re-read labels prior to using a product which has led me to Elite Therapeutics.  This amazing company has developed a line of hair and skin care products designed for the sensitive skin and special needs of those individuals undergoing radiation therapy.  The products were actually designed by a radiation oncologist looking to help his patients build strong, healthy hair.  I mean honestly it is obvious this guy understands people with sensitive skin!

I usually like to try new products myself before allowing my daughter to give them a try.  Yes, she has to try them as well!  But after reading about the company and products, I decided it was perfectly safe for her to give them a try first.  Her first comment was on the smell – she said it smelled fruity and I agreed.  The smell is pleasant and light, but durable enough to handle a day at work and the gym.  Next, she commented she felt like the product was difficult to wash out.  This is not an uncommon misconception when using natural hair and skin care products.  As I explained to her, natural products wash out just as well as chemical filled products, but they feel different as they wash out of your hair.  The amount of nourishing oil in the shampoo doesn’t leave your hair squeaky clean instead it feels as if you have already applied conditioner.  My daughter quickly found her hair was manageable even without using the conditioner.

I, of course, was up next, and I have enjoyed using the products.  The shampoo cleans without feeling as if it is stripping your hair.  The conditioner detangles and leaves your hair soft and manageable.  But more importantly, the label is what has me sold!

I also received a little surprise from Elite Therapeutics, and boy, it is AWESOME!  The Elite Platinum Crème is without a doubt the best facial crème I’ve ever used.  I am always looking for something to sooth my dry skin especially after spending so much time every week on airplanes.  I slipped the small sample into my makeup bag and took off for a week long three state hop, and unlike every other week, this was my very first week of travel without dry, itchy cheeks.

Do I recommend Elite Therapeutics – ABSOLUTELY!  More importantly, I recommend Elite Therapeutics for everyone.  Their line of shampoo and conditioner, and the Elite Platinum Crème is a MUST HAVE!

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