Anya Alvarez

Professional Golfer

“As a professional golfer, I am often in the sun and have often found that many shampoos dry out my hair even more than the sun does. When playing at the U.S. Open, I received a sample of Elite Therapeutics for my hair and noticed a difference almost immediately. The shampoo feels like conditioner on my hair, but does the job of cleaning, while the conditioner leaves your hair feeling super silky. My hair is simply in the best condition it’s ever been in, and I can attribute that to using Elite Therapeutics.”

Mary Campbell

Cancer Survivor

“As a cancer patient, I have received radiation treatment twice a day, every day, for five weeks. Three times a day during these treatments I applied Elite Premier Crème to my skin and can’t say enough good things about the product. My skin has held up wonderfully throughout the radiation process, and I attribute that largely to this crème. I recommend its use to anyone receiving radiation treatment.”

Amy Dougherty


“As a nurse, I am very particular about the ingredients in the skin products I use. I was very impressed with the extensive research that was conducted on the Elite Therapeutics line. I have been using the Premier Crème and lip balm for three months, and am very happy with the results. My skin has felt soft and hydrated, even through the winter months. By using the lip balm consistently, I have avoided the frequent chapped lips and irritation I usually experience in a dry climate. I look forward to more products in this line!”

Peggy Vaida

“I have been using all of the products for about three weeks, not as a patient, but as a women wanting to look and feel the healthiest I possibly can as I age. I am truly amazed at the difference in my skin, especially my face and neck, and in such a short period of time. I would rate the Elite Premier Crème, (one of my favorites), way above any other product I have used. I am a firm believer in Vitamin E, and Dr. Schewe’s products include everything I look for in skin products and so much more! The lip balm…I am addicted to it, I cannot go without it! Thank you Dr. Schewe for creating all these wonderful products for your patients who deserve them so much—and for everyone else like me, who just wants to look and feel healthier.”

Denise Phillips

Cancer Survivor

“I am a survivor of breast cancer who was lucky enough not to have to do radiation. Even though Dr. Schewe’s product was designed for that purpose, a friend asked me to give his Premier Crème a try on my mastectomy scars. My scars were quite wide, bumpy and still very red. I applied the crème nightly to my scars for about six weeks and I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the results. My scars have evened out to thin, smooth lines that are rapidly going from deep red to white. I wish I had known about this product sooner! I have recently had hand surgery and I am applying the product to my new scar, which is healing very quickly. I would highly recommend this to anyone having surgery. Thank you, Dr. Schewe, for improving my state of mind and raising my self-esteem!!”

Kathy Opie

Cancer Survivor

“After using Elite Premier Crème for the duration of a week, my skin was no longer bright red, rough, cracked and peeling. I experienced open, bleeding and oozing burns from the radiation. I had wished I was led to this product much sooner due to the condition of my skin. I felt the Elite Premier Crème was a miracle lotion because of the magnificent improvement of my skin with in the first 24 hours, and after a week I felt my skin was back to normal. I would highly recommend this product to any person going though radiation or anyone having issues with their skin. I am a TRUE believer that the Elite Premier Crème made a magnificent difference on my skin and healing of my radiation burns. What I was using prior to Elite Premier Crème made NO difference on my skin and healing of my radiation burns. I am totally impressed with the product.”

Jill Smith

“Since I have been using Elite, my skin is much improved. I have a scar on my neck from surgery in 1999 and now it is barely noticeable! The lines around my eyes and mouth have softened, and my skin feels so soft. I love the fresh, natural scent of the product and the way it feels on my skin. It is the BEST product I have ever used, and my friends have all noticed it too!“

Sherry Lewis

“I am sure you already know this but the Elite Crème is great on really bad sun burns. Stops the hurt really fast and no burn the next day. My luck was so good with it on burns that I took pity on our receptionist and had her use it. She had same results and wanted to know where to buy it.”

Lesley Jacobs

Cancer Survivor

“After six weeks of radiation therapy as a part of breast cancer treatment, my skin was extremely damaged, sore and raw. I used many topical products during and after that time, but nothing created such dramatic results as the changes that took place after the first use of Elite Therapeutics Elite Crème. I saw immediate results including decrease in redness, smoothing out of the texture of the rough skin and also less of tenderness to the touch.”

Joyce Tisdall

“This is the best! I have been using the products since November and no more dry, scaly elbows or dry patches on my skin. I highly recommend Elite Premier Crème, also the Body Wash as well as all others in the sample kit.”

Pat Melton-Stark

“I started using the Elite Crème and Body Wash after radiation treatment which left my skin in a very fragile condition.  The products were wonderful and helped so much to bring me relief.  I continue to use it though I’m three year out from my treatment, and all is going well.  Thanks for providing a lot of folks with a great product which performs as advertised!”

Justin Hill

“Elite Therapeutics is the only thing that helps my mom! During her cancer treatment and post treatment. She’s had residual pain from multiple rounds of radiation and chemo. The line of Clinical beauty products were founded by my mom’s cancer doctor. The crème has been a miracle worker. She’s had lasting skin pain and other minor ailments. I saw Dr. Schewe in his dealings with patients and his love of helping people get better has passed into this line of products.”

Jarod Gutierrez

“As active outdoor enthusiasts, my wife and I consistently expose our skin to the dry and hot Colorado summers. The harsh winter weather means there is no break from the elements; as such we have searched for a product to protect and rejuvenate our skin. Unfortunately, as a mixed race couple, we have very different skin types that make finding a product that works for both of us next to impossible. I am happy to say that we have finally found that product. For the past year we have used Elite Platinum Crème and have been extremely impressed. Our skin has never felt so soft and hydrated. Furthermore, it seems we have found the proverbial fountain of youth. This crème has minimized the fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes and seems to tighten the skin around our chin and necks. The results have been dramatic and almost immediate. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great face crème that hydrates, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, and works with all skin types.”


“This is now one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners. One of the best I’ve used and I use a lot of different shampoos. I never buy the same product twice until now. It’s ultra smoothing, hydrating without weighing your hair down. Combine it with the conditioner and watch out! My hair just worked better; it styled easier, no frizz and looked like a professional blow out. My hair is on the thicker side, straight and mid length. Works great for me!”


“When I became pregnant I was sad to see just how many face washes I could no longer use. After reviewing the ingredients on this product I was excited to see that I could actually use it. Not only is it safe for my growing baby but it also is gentle and keeps my face from breaking out and does not leave my face feeling stripped. I love it.”