About Elite Therapeutics

Elite Therapeutics is a Denver skincare company dedicated to delivering true and visible results. Founded by Denver oncology doctor Dr. Kevin Schewe, the company operates on the philosophy that outer beauty is the reflection of inner health. With this in mind, each product in our clinically proven skin and body care line blends cutting-edge science and active naturals designed to nurture the skin at every level—from cellular to surface. From basic daily hydration and nourishment to advanced anti-aging skincare to powerful clinical relief for cancer patients, Elite Therapeutics is dedicated to helping its diverse customer base achieve healthy, radiant skin.

A practicing Denver radiation oncologist for more than 25 years, Dr. Schewe has experienced first-hand the ravaging effects that modern cancer treatments can have on the skin and hair. The consummate healer, he made it his mission to offer patients relief and restoration from the external effects of treatment during their internal fight for life. Leveraging his experience as a trained medical researcher and his daily access to the medical industry’s most advanced oncology regimens, Dr. Schewe began testing ingredients and formulations for optimal healing efficacy.

To Dr. Schewe, every ingredient must serve a specific purpose—and each must be highly effective at achieving its most critical function. Every product in the Elite Therapeutics skin and body care line was formulated with this idea in mind, using groundbreaking combinations of pharmaceutical-grade compounds and globally sourced natural ingredients. During the extensive product development process, Dr. Schewe successfully unlocked the hidden potential of natural Vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant with unparalleled restorative qualities. By combining the vitamin’s purest natural form with other advanced ingredients in pharmaceutical-grade formulations, Dr. Schewe created the foundation for the entire Elite Therapeutics product line.

The result? Pure, powerful healing from head to toe. All Elite Therapeutics Vitamin E skincare products are clinically proven, paraben-free, cruelty-free, safe for all skin types, and effective against a variety of skincare concerns—from aging to illness to environmental damage. From the daily skin therapy of our Elite Crème and Elite Lip Balm to the deep healing abilities of Elite Premier Crème to the intense rejuvenating powers of our ultra-luxurious Elite Platinum Crème, each product in the Elite Therapeutics skin care line is uniquely effective in achieving the task at hand.

Likewise, the gentle purification of Elite Face & Body Wash, our aluminum-free Elite Deodorant and the soothing shine of our Elite Shampoo and Conditioner provide an affordable, effective foundation for healthy scalp and skin. Developed by a clinical oncologist in one of the most arid, sun-drenched climates in the world, Elite Therapeutics skin and body care products are uniquely equipped to provide lasting relief and nourishment for every skin type, from normal skin to extremely dry skin, damaged skin or troubled skin. Let the healing begin.